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You may read that title, scratch your head, and say,s How can an annoying sound actually kill you?

Some might even assume it is a joke, but it’s not. Snoring affects your health in such a huge way that it can be taking time off your life each and every night you sleep. How serious can snoring be? Studies have shown that snoring can be symptomatic of, or result in, more serious afflictions. These include gastroesophageal reflux disease, headache, loss of bladder control, decreased sexual satisfaction, and weight gain. But worst of all, snoring could lead to cancer and heart disease. If you snore, ask your doctor about it. You never know if it could lead to something else.

The results of a couple of long-term studies on sleep apnea were revealed in the USA in 2012. Both studies focus solely on how the disruption of oxygen flow associated with sleep apnea and snoring affects long-term health.

I strongly recommend that you read these two articles before leaving my website.

  • Snoring and Heart Disease — This covers a six-year study proving the link between the two conditions.
  • Snoring and Cancer — The findings for a 22-year study are reviewed in this article.

How I Benefitted from Controlling My Snoring

I had learned to just live with my snoring. As far back as I can remember, I was the topic of jokes amongst friends and it really did not bother me. When I met my wife, I became even more relaxed in my condition because she was a snorer, too.

Then, one day I read an article about how snoring affects your health. I really did not want to believe it. I thought there must be something more to it, so I started doing my own research about snoring and sleep apnea.

The more I learned the more horrified I became. I had no idea what this seemingly harmless condition was doing to my health, so I have to assume that a lot of people visiting my site have no idea what the long-term side effects are either.

Not only was I worried about my health; I was concerned about how the snoring was affecting my relationships. Was I short with my wife, loved ones, and friends because I was not getting enough quality sleep? Is this why I often felt like I was dragging all day at work?

The first article I had read that piqued my interest about snoring and diminished health focused a lot on overweight snorers.

So, although I was intrigued enough to do a little research, I was not too scared because I have never been overweight.

Unfortunately, I quickly learned that you do not have to be carrying around extra pounds for snoring to damage your health.

Now that we have both controlled our snoring, these issues are a thing of the past. You cannot imagine how good that feels, but I can tell you that you will feel like a brand new person.

Long-term Health Benefits

As I said earlier. I was beyond scared when I started researching the long-term health effects. It definitely gave me a swift kick in the behind to find a product that would stop my snoring.

Now we both have peace-of-mind knowing that we have reduced our Hsk of serious medical conditions, including:


It is now proven that snoring is directly related to cancer. Do not forget to read my article about the study proving this.

Heart Disease

Again, I have included a thorough article about this connection. It is really important that you read it, so you understand just how dangerous snoring is.


Did you know that in America, stroke is the fourth most common cause of death? Well, did you know that snoring puts you at greater risk? According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, stroke kills 130,000 Americans annually. This is I in every 19 deaths!


It is no secret that snoring causes high blood pressure. This was proven many years ago and it is probably one health effect that you are familiar with because there has been so much discussion over it. High blood pressure increases your risk for heart attack, stroke, chronic heart failure, and kidney disease.

Sleep Apnea

Snoring is one of the first symptoms of this vent' dangerous condition. An individual with sleep apnea literally stops breathing multiple times through the course of a night, which cuts off the oxygen supply to the brain. Sleep apnea increases your risk for diabetes, heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure, heart attacks, irregular heartbeat, and ADHD.

I can’t stress enough how important it is that you ready my articles proving the link between snoring and both cancer and heart disease. As a snorer, you can probably relate to a lot of what is said in this article.

You might be currently experiencing some of the side effects I have mentioned that I once had. If you are looking for a way to stop snoring then you are on the right path to improving your health. However, although mouthpieces are effective they do take a little effort on your part.

The first time you put one in your mouth you may immediately want to take it out and give up. Having something in your mouth all night will not go unnoticed.

You will likely drool and you will probably experience a little jaw soreness the next day. You might start making excuses not to wear it. Do yourself this giant favour and give it a chance. Your mouth has to get used to it.

Stopping your snoring will provide immediate benefits and reduce your risk for long-term deadly medical conditions.

Zip Snore

Welcome to Zip Snore

Zip Snore has proven itself time and again in helping people all over the world correct their breathing whilst asleep.

At Zip Snore we believe that good breathing can be the most powerful, life-changing thing you can do. Mouth breathing and snoring have been proven to cause major health problems if not corrected.

The use of the patch around the mouth during sleep, to regulate breathing and stop snoring was developed by Dr Buteyko a leading international doctor and the founder of the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health, with hundreds of thousands of people around the world, now using this principal every night. Zip Snore is a TGA medically approved device designed to keep the mouth closed during sleep and to assist in the reduction of snoring. The snore patch is the flexible, simple, safe, comfortable and easy to use, and is BPA, PVC, hypoallergenic, Latex Free and skin-friendly.

Our simple yet effective Snore Patch encourages good, regulated nose breathing and the most cost-effective way to help stop snoring. Zip Snore holds the jaw in place and keeps the mouth closed without covering the mouth.

Remove the backing strip from the Zip Snore patch- Close your mouth and then place the Snore Patch neatly and firmly along your lower lip ensuring a good seal all the way around. Make sure the -face and lips are free of any night cream or moisturizer. For men with facial hair may restrict the desired seal.

Once applied you will notice that your jaw is held in place and your tongue remains forward, keeping the airways open allowing you to breathe naturally through the nose. Zip Snore is simple, safe, comfortable and easy to use.

It is recommended that the Snore Patch be used for one night only for hygienic reasons- There is a tab on each side for easy removal For around a $1 dollar a day, we hope you (and your partner) soon begin to enjoy sleeping again and waking refreshed.

Snoring has been medically proven to contribute to major health problems and js associated with disrupted sleep and an increased risk for sleep apnea. Snoring and associated hyperventilation can also cause or exacerbate asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Indirectly, snoring can impact negatively on relationships. The effects can range from poor sleeping patterns to domestic tension. There are widespread reports of bed-partners resorting to earplugs or sleeping in another room. Snoring has been documented as the major cause of some marriage breakdown

Dangers of Mouth Breathing

When we breathe naturally, through the nose, the small hairs in the nostrils filter dust and other airborne foreign matter: creating a protective barrier for the respiratory organs- When a breath is taken through the mouth, there is nothing to strain the air; from mouth to lungs, any dirt or impure substance has a clear track and the entire respiratory system is unprotected.

Many contagious diseases are contracted by the habit of mouth-breathing. Carefully conducted scientific experiments have shown that soldiers and sailors who sleep with their mouths open are much more liable to contract contagious diseases than those who breathe properly through the nostrils.

An instance is related in which smallpox became epidemic on a British man-of-war in during the 1800s, and every death which resulted was that of some sailor or marine who was a mouth-breather, not a single nostril-breather succumbing. The organs of respiration have their only protective apparatus, filter, or dust-catcher, in the nostrils. When the breath is taken through the mouth, there is nothing from mouth to lungs to strain the air or to catch the dust and other foreign matter in the air. From mouth to lungs the diff or impure substance has a clear track and the entire respiratory system is unprotected. Moreover, such incorrect breathing admits cold air to the organs, thereby injuring them.

Inflammation of the respiratory organs often results from the inhalation of cold air through the mouth. The person, who breathes through the mouth at night, always awakens with a parched feeling in the mouth end dryness in the throat. They are violating one of nature t s laws and are sowing the seeds of disease. Once remember the mouth affords no protection to the respiratory organs, and cold air, dust and impurities and germs readily enter by that door. On other hand, nostrils and nasal passages show evidence of the careful design of nature.

Zip Snore may be a simple yet effective solution to this problem.

Just by helping one person get a better nights sleep, you have made an impact pact!

Zip Snore is simple, safe, comfortable and easy to use. It is hypoallergenic, Latex-free and skin-friendly.

Get a better nights sleep for around a $1 dollar a day.

May help save relationships.

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